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Wanna be part of The Awareness Campaigns?

We believe society (yes you & me & everyone around us) must focus on the solving the climate crisis, reducing homelessness, ending community hunger, participating in major environmental cleanups, and demanding clean green energy transitions now.

Our goal is to bring attention to each issue with the intent of gaining supporters, volunteers, and making a difference in the world.

The first step in creating change is to let people know that a problem exists and how they can help.

Next, we use our skills, ideas, and expeience to create programs and projects to utilize our support, to help people in need, and protect our environment.

Join us as we breakdown the problems the world faces, & create & share innovative, collaborative efforts to achieve solutions of a new magnitude.

As we move forward in this blog... The goal is to add interesting information regarding the topics of concern. Our Contributors will be from all walks of life, with interests all a little different, yet still so important. Our facts within the articles will come from legit sources, or are our own observation or research. We firmly believe the need to listen to the science and share science widely.

Please consider being a regular contributor to the TAP Blog. You may write or contribute something environmental or humanitarian in nature. The good, the bad, the ugly, the progress!?

You may post editorials, poetry, photography, videos or facts from current research. The possibilities are endless. The problems are too! Where does your passion come from? Help us

Grow a movement of awareness and change!

Get in touch and let's get you blogging.

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the awareness pr   ject


We are here to make a difference in the world, starting first in our community.

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