To raise awareness of the environmental and economic issues we face in and around the DFW area. 

We are dedicated to:

1.) Reduce food waste and assist food insecure homes.

2.) Find solutions for local homeless and impoverished.

3.) Lessen our carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

4.) Encourage community engagement. 

Our Mission



We believe in giving back 100% of what we make to our community.

Your donations go to feeding, clothing and assisting a neighbor in need. 


Get Involved

Check out our events and projects. There's endless opportunities to volunteer.

Have an idea or a cause your passionate about? Contact us and tell us all about it.



All proceeds with our thrift and café go towards our projects that lowers pollution in our area, influence more solutions to climate change and reduce food waste.

We want to be

A good neighbor.


In today's fast paced world and with growing focus on "the individual", we tend to turn a blind eye to others in need.

We are here to promote a culture of love and community. If you or someone you know could use a helping hand, please contact us or stop by and say hello.

A resource.


Networking isn't just promoting better relationships, it's our favorite thing to do! 


Use our classroom for group projects or post your business information on our community board. There's endless opportunities to teach and learn!

Socially Innovative.

Not only do we influence new solutions to reducing our carbon footprint, we help build better, more respectful relationships with nature inside our community.


Grow a garden, reduce food waste in your home, or make an item like new again.