Currently working regularly with other nonprofits, churches and charities on various projects.

We are volunteering primarily in the DFW area, but looking to expand to causes everywhere!

Stop by or contact us for more information.




Be self sufficient.

How cool is that? Not only does it help you cut costs of everyday living but build a better and more respectful relationship with nature.


Want to learn how to grow a garden, reduce food waste in your home, or make an item like new again?

It's easier than you think! Let us show you.

More info soon!



Be a resource.


Networking isn't just promoting better relationships, it's our favorite thing to do! 


Use our classroom for group projects or post your business information on our community board. Stop by for movie night or learn a new craft.

Come say hello. We love new faces.

More info soon!



Be a friend.


There's nothing like it! We are as different and brilliant as the stars in the sky; together we create something much bigger than ourselves.


In today's fast paced world and growing focus on "the individual", we tend to forget that our neighbor might need a helping hand.


So slow down friend and sit with someone for a little while.

More info soon!